Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Our Copy-Kitten is off to school. Well, actually, playschool. She was not too happy about the fact that there would be no beige-checked uniform, no brown-paper-covered books, no bright-yellow school-bus, nothing like her didi’s (elder sister) proper school.. In fact, she is yet to be convinced that her playgroup should be accorded the status of SCHOOL at all. It seems all play and no school to her.
But though it was a compromise, she was all set with her blue Mickey-bag (which had the coveted tiffin-box inside), her all-new waterbottle, pink raincoat and red umbrella (with the bees and the butterflies - she chose it herself, don't you know?).

The first two days have passed smoothly. In a blur of toys and rhymes, puppet-shows and songs. She has been happily chalk-scribbling all over the walls and rushing down the plastic slide in the playroom (both taboo at home), secure in the knowledge that ma and Babydidi (my trusted maid) were in the room, too.

The bawling may begin next week, when she’ll be ON HER OWN. I’m hoping she won’t cry, at least not too much. Here’s wishing her a great growing-up journey ahead. To echo Erica Jong, “May Goddess bless and Goddess keep” our little copy-kitten happy and safe and curious.


Mystic Margarita said... cute. Seems like Copy-Kitten likes playschool so far. Fingers crossed for next week. How old is the Copy-Kitten?

sidhubaba said...

How is the great Didi reacting to her kid sister's school days?

arpita said...

I will say AMEN to both your wishes ....... as I am sure would all mothers who have gone /are going thru this phase!


Piscean Angel said...

U've been tagged :)

Sucharita Sarkar said...


Copy kitten is two years five months, though she pretends to be older.
The Great Didi is appropriately condescending openly and expectedly envious secretly (esp when she heard that Bonu was allowed to blow bubbles and scribble with chalk on the schoolroom-walls).
Thanks for the good wishes.

I'll take up your tag, thanks a ton...I'm a tag-addict.

The Scatterbrain said...

First day of school.... I hate walking by the KG or pre school sections of school during the first few weeks of school.... seeing kids cry their eyes out at being away from their parents is heartbreaking.... I dont even want to put myself in the parents' shoes!

My Mother says I refused to come back home with her on my first day of preschool because I hadn't learnt "ABCD" yet!!!