Monday, December 22, 2008


20th December was a SPECIAL DAY - a day when names took on faces, shadowy outlines in profile pictures took three-dimensional shape and the virtual became real. On the initiative and invitation of Suranga Date of Gappa, five of us bloggers met at a restaurant in Mumbai to interact outside the internet.

My road to reality was full of bumps and halts (courtesy Mumbai’s infamous S V Road –traffic) and when I reached the designated meeting-place half-an-hour late, the ice had already been broken.

Not that we were strangers, reading a person's blog is getting to know that person's views/opinions/raves/rants quite well, but FACE-to-FACE has a different IMPACT. We talked and ate and got to know each other better.

There was Suranga, with her storehouse of interesting experiences and wonderful conversational skills, the very sweet and serious Priyadarshan or Harekrishnaji, the suave and witty Vivek and the tech-savvy and multi-talented Kavi. And of course, me.

We talked about how we began blogging, how blogging became an integral and indispensable part of our lives, how and when we find time to blog, how our spouses (mostly) are not really too interested in what we are up to (in our blogs, that is). We discussed blog tricks like Twitter, common blog-friends and how comments on our posts really help us to reach out to others. Outside the blogosphere, we discussed weight-loss (but of course!), diets and vegan-ism (Priyadarshanji's exemplary account was motivating), gymming or the lack of it (slipped discs and slipped endeavours sustained in our battles with the bulge), our jobs, families, and backgrounds.

It was an animated discussion (with plenty of food - eating adds the charm, and calories, to any meeting) and I enjoyed myself a lot, listening to people whose views I love to read on their blogs.

Thank you, Suranga, for thinking of this meeting and making it happen, and thank you, all the others for your company and for the lovely memento (a china mug with the names of all our blogs inscribed on it). I’ll cherish both the mug and the memories, and I do really hope to meet again. And a special thanks for the absent Rajni Kumar, whose visit to India and desire to meet Suranga was the catalyst behind the meeting.

Up next : Probable pow-wow in Powai. I'm game and I recommend it highly. Wherever, whenever. Just get in touch with the 'whoever's.


kavi said...

This like doing a Ajmal Kasab factual detailing !! :)

It was great fun meeting up and connecting ! And now that its going to put a face to the posts, its going to be even more interesting !

Sucharita Sarkar said...

It does read a bit like a newspaper report, doesn't it? You met so-and-so, discussed so-and-so...sorry about that (I'll pass the blame on to the spouse's profession).

Pradip Biswas said...

I really envy all of you Suranga, vivek, Kavi and Sucharita. Let other bloggers living close by repeat this. Sucharita my only request to you in your next blog, blog it out some techniques of blogging which you all discussed.

Vivek Patwardhan said...

Dear Sucharita,
Excellent account of our meeting. I enjoyed meeting all. It was amazing to see how people who had never met earlier got talking to each other as if they knew them for a long time. Looking forward to meeting at IIT now,

ugich konitari said...

It amazed me as well, as Vivek said, that people who had not met each other previously, suddenly picked up and carried on as if they had met long before.....I am still waiting to hear from Rajk before trying to set up the next meeting........

Another Kiran In NYC said...

What a super time everyone must have had!

I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall to listen to everyone talk.

Lazyani said...

Yeah, it's fun to meet the real person and then hit of instantly. I met JAP face to face a few days back at a party and we started talking like old acquaintances.

I guess the blogs had already established the interactive relationships.

Great that all of you could actually meet up and have fun.

jyotsana said...

hi sucharita,
i wish i could b there too with all of u and some more blogger friends.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Hi Pradip, Kiran in NYC, and Jyotsna,

I'm sure it would be terrific fun if you organize similar meets in your own cities.

Hi Lazyani,

Meeting JAP must been interesting. His blog sure is.

Hi Suranga and Vivek,

Looking forward - me too!!

herry said...

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