Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I've always felt that 15 August is a day when we celebrate our Independence from the shackles of the past, our liberation from servitude to another nation, our freedom from the imperial British bondage.

And 26 January is a day when we celebrate our founding fathers' vision for our future. The Constitution embodies the hopes and dreams of what India should be, it is a blueprint for the future and the building blocks of the present.

And so, on Republic Day, while it is all very well to garland photographs of freedom-fighters and pay homage to past leaders, it is more important to tell our students and children about the significance of our Constitution, so that we can learn and follow about our duties and rights, about how the government and citizens can together build the nation - a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic, each nomenclature lending meaning to and completing the others. It is a time to renew our pledge that in our own small way we will contribute to the making of our nation. We will stand up for justice, we will fight for liberty, ensure equality and foster fraternity. It is a time to affirm, "Yes, we can", and promise, "Yes, we will."


June Saville said...

Hi Sucharita
We in Australia celebrated our national day yesterday. It is the anniversary of the arrival of the British in 1788 and our Aborigines call it 'Invasion Day' or 'Survival Day'.
The Queen of England is STILL our Head of State and the debate about whether we will become a republic is still going on - so far as I can see, mainly about details. But they're holding up our change.
It's my opinion that we should get on with it, become a republic, remember that on another date each year and concentrate on being the unified country that we are fast developing.
Although seemingly mainly symbolic, these things are very important.
June in Oz

ugich konitari said...


I dont think anyone could have put it better. I wish our schools took this seriously. I live next to 2 schools (share a wall with them), and every single Republic Day is more about marching and calisthenics, and singing the same songs. When the time comes for some chief guest to talk, the children, tired from practising in the sun, kind of doze off. I wish they did this differently. Maybe get some folks to come and talk who were teenagers in those days.....

Pinku said...

you are right...the time to show off our military might are over. Republic day should be about the progress we have been able to make thanks to a wonderfully crafted constitution...I only wish its spirit could be consulted more than its words.

Pradip Biswas said...

Although India is getting threats for war we should keep us away from it as far as possible. But our development into progress is their worry and They(the US) have not yet learned the lessons. The fire lit by them has not spared them. But let us remmber the words of SRI Ramkrishna " Do not bite but show your hoods and make a Hiss"

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Hi June,

Your're right. Symbols do make a difference, even if it only in our perception of things.

Hi UK, Pinku and Pradip,

True democracy comes not from military might but from civil right.

nsiyer said...

Very well said. I enjoyed every bit. Coincidentally, I had written in my blog of my experience on Republic Day.

AMIT said...

Very good Republic post from you.

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