Friday, April 3, 2009


…has begun in the lives of my daughters. It is April and a new school-year has started.

For the Lil Cat, entering her third standard, it means a whole lot of new books (all warm and toasty-brown-paper-covered). It means a whole lot of new things to learn – from Marathi (she begins her ‘third’ language this year, after First Language English and Second Language Hindi – of course, Bengali is her mother tongue, so it is actually a FOURTH language), to Magellan (in Social Studies – he was the man who discovered that the earth was round), to complicated and l-e-n-g-t-h-y multiplications and divisions. But she is not too daunted, only excited and happy, diving into her pile of books with shiny-spectacled eyes.

For the Copy-Kitten, entering her first year in a proper school, it means new blue and white uniforms, a blue water-bottle and proper black school-shoes. Not really new anymore, because she has ‘practising’ drinking from the waterbottle for the past few days and clomping all over the house in her new shoes (never mind that she is clad only in a pair of bloomers above the pair of shoes and socks). She is all excited about the big yellow bus that will take her to school. Now, the only part missing is her new books, which will come next week.

The buzz of excitement is almost palpable and I am shamelessly exploiting the situation. Whenever the Copy-kitten is being naughty and disobedient (which she almost always is, except when she is sleeping), I am threatening her with dire consequences like her teacher not allowing bad girls in the class, etc. I know I should not hold her happiness to ransom like this, but as a long-suffering-from-tantrums mother I cannot help but make hay as the April sun shines.

I hope they stay as excited and eager to learn throughout their school lives.


lopamudra said...

Now that both of your daughters are going to 'proper' schools a new chapter of 'your' life has begun.Next, chapter would be when they start living your nest one by one.The very thought gives me heartache.Our kids are growing up so fast!

MahaVishnu said...

Magellan did not discover the fact that Earth was round. He was the first one to circumnavigate the Earth.
The likes of Pythogorus, Ptolemy, and Aristotle have aleready confirmed the fact in B.C. times long before Columbus and Magellan entered the seas.

ugich konitari said...

Best wishes to your little ones.

Juggling four languages in three years of school, all taught in an unnatural method, where getting marks for conjugation seems to be the thing to do. In a way, I kind of feel sorry for the way today's children are being burdened like this.

Nothwithstanding Hindi,Marathi, English, Bengali, Magellan, Ptolemy,Pytho, and Aristotle, I hope both your daughters, have loads of fun in school, playing with friends, eating their dabbas and yes, drinking expertly from the blue water bottles....

Lazyani said...

Great news for the little ones.

I wish that they remember their school days as the most fun-filled and enjoyable days of their lives, in future.

Anonymous said...

aww...All the very best to the little tykes:)may they remember the days with fondness and may you carry the memories with a smile:)
All moms do :)

copy kittne :D will have a wonderful time I am sure:)
god bless them both:)

Pradip Biswas said...

Now that your real innings started with fast bowler on one end and the spinner has made the begining over. But I know you shall manage well, good luck to you all.

Mina Jade said...

Lovely story, although for me school was quite a shock and I have awful memories, and now, as funny as it sounds, so now I have difficulties to understand that most children don't hate it that much like I did. (True that everybody cannot suffer from social phobia :-) )

June Saville said...

It's the beginning of a long road ...
June in Oz

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Hi Lopa,

We've been in the same boat since so many years.

Hi Mahavishnu

Thnaks for correcting me. You are right, but in my daughter's book, they tell the story of Magellan, maybe because adventurers are more exciting than scientists.

Hi Suranga,

Thanks for your good wishes. I'll tell my daughters about their 'blogger-aunty' and her blessings.

Hi Lazyani and Indyeah and Pradip(da),

Thanks for the wishes.

Hi Mina,

So sorry to hear that you did not like school. I loved mine, apart from a few hitches.

Hi June,

I know, I know.

nsiyer said...

All the best to your children in the new school year. And happy and successful parenting to you.

SGD said...

Best wishes to your two little women on their brand new innings and to you too.... :)

Stitchwhiz said...

It sounds as if your daughters are getting a great education. I love the new school year. Here in the states we start in late August. We have quite a collection of first day back-to-school photos now that the two boys are 21 and 15. Enjoy. Every. Minute.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Hi NSIyer, Stitchwiz and SGD,

Thanks for your wishes and hope they come true.

♥ Braja said...

I love the names, LilCat and CopyKitten :))