Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yesss! There is very definitely a NIP in the air.

Mumbai - sultry, humid, sweltering-round-the-year Mumbai - is actually having the onset of what-appears-to-be a Winter.

That's the only thing that Delhi had (apart from better roads and worse manners) that Mumbai didn't.

So The Times of India puns "KYA KOOL HAI MUM!".
So my friend writes on FaceBook, "I told you, Mumbai has always been a cool place!"
So the fans are having a rest, while the geysers work overtime.
So the kids have dug out all their woollens and are insisting on going down to play dressed for a Himalayan trek.

And me? I just want to TUCK my feet inside a warm duvet and sleep all morning.


The Scatterbrain said...

Ah! Duvets!!! I miss those things! I live in Chennai where we had deceptively cool weather for 1 day!!! I used to work in Ooty and I miss those mornings of snuggling up with my duvet (I had a lovely pink and white one!)

Swaram said...

I soo wanna do that too! A book in hand is all I want :)

Pinku said...

That sounds so lovely!!

Mumbai was always perfect for me...now with a bit of winter also thrown in I think it would be paradise. :)

enjoy the cold weather while it lasts.

But for the real chill come down to delhi..

Lazyani said...

Even Kol has the first hint of a chill and all of a sudden , the city seems to be a better place:)

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

sleeping inside the blanket in cold winter is the best pleasure anyone can have.

Anonymous said...

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