Thursday, June 23, 2011


I know that I have been off blogging for nearly two months this summer.

And I know the reason for it.

Shifting from one rented flat in Mumbai to another.

First, it was the decision to shift.

Then, it was a round of seeking admission to new schools in the chosen area. As a school Principal said, "If you had one child, it wouldn't have been a problem. But...". Since no one had informed us of such future problems when pushing the 'two-children-happy-family-theory', we had to make double the effort now. Finally, though, we got both daughters enrolled in Arya Vidya Mandir, which, from all accounts, is a good school to grow up in.

Then, it was a search for the right flat. Oh, there are flats and flats, but a suitable match between a likeable residence and an affordable budget is really tough to find. You see, you shortlist, you negotiate, you wait...the negotiations fail...and then you go through this over and over again.

Then, it was a matter of waiting for the right approvals from the right authorities, for legalities, and contracts and verifications. I AM NOT TALKING OF BUYING, BUT SIMPLY OF RENTING PROPERTY ON A COMPANY LEASE.

Then, it was getting in touch with Movers and Packers, and watching all your beloved stuff being ruthlessly stuffed into bubble-wraps, cartons and cardboards, dragged into wet trucks (it was raining heavily that day), and dumped carelessly in new, strange rooms.



And also rather exciting, actually ;)

Suffice to say, we have shifted to a new flat with kids, clothes, books and utensils in tow. This flat is still being done up by the owner, so we will be living a very public life amidst carpenters, masons, plumbers and electricians for a few more weeks. The house in a mess, there is a huge amount of unpacking still to be done, the kitchen is a work-in-progress, one bathroom looks as if it has been bombed...

Still, we can see the sea in the distance from some of the windows, and there are a lot of quaint churches and little lanes with sloping-roof houses to be explored. When the sundry people banging away around the flat finally leave...

Thank God for Maa, but that's another post!

All in all, a summer spent in fretting and fuming and sweating and waiting, and a monsoon beginning in a shifting.

What a waste of a lovely summer vacation!


Ugich Konitari said...

Many potholed roads,
blinking traffic signals,
checking of
lists and keys,
misplacing purses,
knee deep flowing water,
a daughter asleep
on your lap
as you carry
some of the
other valuables
with you......

The prize
at the end of it all,
is a
great cup of maternal tea
sipped while enjoying
the sliver of sea
in a seat by a window-
and a Ma,
who shepherds the
little ones away
to tell stories
in another room,
"She's been up since dawn;
let her relax;
we'll finish the story we started yesterday...."

Swaram said...

Phew! Tell me abt it! Hv moved 4 houses in as many years here in Hyderabad! We can almost push off as Movers and Packers now - we are so good at it :P
But the joy in setting up a new house is awesome no ;)

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

Seriously, searching a new rented house is very difficult in metro cities.

Nona said...

On the bright side, you are done with the move.

Sumandebray said...

A rolling stone gathers no moss .... Keep shifting houses and you will get rid of stuff that you do not need but do not have the heart to throw them away otherwise

Best Wishes for your new home

Onkar said...

Relocating to a different place is always quite a task.

Babli said...

I am very well experienced as I have relocated 5 times and its very very hectic. Moreover its a tough job to search for a house in a metro city as I have gone through it after relocating to Perth from Townsville.
As you are Bengali so you will feel very happy to read Bengali poem. Please visit my husband's blog when time permits.

Patricia Torres said...

Yes.. relocating is rather taxing.. But there is the good part too.. A lot of new things to look forward too.. All the best..