Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Sukku, the multi-faceted, globe-trotting, corporate honcho who can cook a mean rasam/sambal/omlette, has tagged me with a meme which required some amount of soul-searching and number-crunching. Thanks Sukku, and here goes:

5 Annoying Things (as in things that annoy ME):

The inevitable wait as my obsolete dial-up net connection blinks and flashes and STRUGGLES to open and move from one site to another

Getting mud-splashed by thoughtless cars while going to work during the rainy season

The didn’t-dry-properly smell of clothes inadequately dried under fans on sunless, rainy days

Going to my fourth class of the day with a mouthful of lectures, only to find that the students have run away after the tiffin break

Being refused by autorickshaw drivers when I’m pressed for time.

8 Habits (that I have):

Waking up reasonably early even on holidays (The Pavlov-effect of weekday alarms at 5.30 a.m)

Snacking on sour/sweet stuff in the staffroom when I’m not taking classes

Blogging post-midnight

Sleeping even later

Opening the refrigerator door and wondering what on earth I wanted to take out from there

Packing more clothes (in the suitcase) than I end up wearing (in the holidays)

Buying loads of stuff that is on sale to ‘stock up on kitchen-essentials’ (my kitchen is a hoarder’s delight)

Working best under pressure (which I self-create by leaving many things for the proverbial last minute)

6 Quirks (of Myself):

I always play Microsoft Solitaire when I open my PC before moving to worthier pursuits

I always carry two bags when I go out

I compulsively straighten bedcovers which are not laid neatly

I love to sprinkle salt on my cola

I cannot stand the sight of unwashed utensils in the kitchen sink piled untidily and always pile them neatly or wash them immediately

I always read books when I’m eating out alone.

That’s it. A whole lot of info about I-Me-Myself. Please feel free to help yourself to this meme if you want to dig deep into yourself. I enjoyed the self-dissection and the dissertation!


sidhubaba said...

How about crying at no matter what kind of movie it is?

Sucharita Sarkar said...

some cats should remain in the bag (rather, bags, since I usually carry two at least). Besides, is that a quirk or a habit or a thing which annoys (others)?

Mystic Margarita said...

I would say you blog waaay past midnight or rather into the wee hours of dawn from the new-post notifications I get! :) Glad to knew you a little better!

Niladri said...

Some quirks :
a)I ALWAYS read the first page of every book before buying it or borrowing it from the library.
b)No matter how clean the kitchen is, i just have to give it a good scrub BEFORE i start cooking. (why do i do that?? really!!)
c)Light agarbatties even in the bathroom!
d)Have to have the last "slurp" of dal straight from the plate at the end of a meal!
e)Will buy each and every bodywash that smells good, not use it and stick to the old one...our bathroom is a treasure-trove of bodywashes!!

Sucharita Sarkar said...


you are right there, though soemtimes i schedule my posts beforehand, so the time may seem weird.


i share your cleanliness quirks to some extent. agarbattis in the bathroom are a good idea, thanks for the tip.

tina said...

salt on cola? is that for counteracting the sweetness? ^^ i've heard about putting salt in baked things, like cookies and pies, to balance the sweetness; i suppose cola is the next logical step. :)

you're absolutely right about dial-up connections; they are scourges from the darkest depths of the netherworld. >.<** argh.