Wednesday, February 18, 2009


For the past fornight (and still continuing) the dominant sensation in my life has been TOOTHACHE. Make that TEETHache, gumache, jawache, cheekache, earache

I have never really realised the ease and ruthlessness with which pain can have us at its mercy – striking anytime, beginning its offensive slowly and then swiftly building-up the intensity till very soon all you are aware of is the sheer THROB of pain.

Pain makes you self-centred, distracting you totally from any other work you may have at hand, making you run away from social encounters where you have to smile and make small talk, even making you treat your loved ones in an impatient, ill-tempered way. All you want to do is curl up and cry – just the two of you, you and the pain, till it loosens its grip and lets you go.

It is all very well for the dentist/doctor to be analytical about your pain. He will tap here and probe there, asking you where the pain is more and where it is less. He will try to track its growth, asking you when it begun , where it originated, and other difficult-to-remember questions, because by the time the pain has spread its tentacles, your suffering mind is too confused to dissect and discuss it impersonally.

The only relief in these dark days have been the tiny pill of hopethe trusty but tardy pain-killers. As the pain-slaught increases, you reach for the oval pill and swallow it, skimming semi-consciously through the next hour or so, till the analgesic does its job and the waves of pain recede for a few hours. Till the next tidal torture wave.

One silver lining, though: My two daughters have got really scared of toothaches and are washing their mouths diligently after every meal and brushing their teeth with a precautionary thoroughness which gives me some amount of satisfaction.


ugich konitari said...


So sorry to hear about this pain. Been there, done that. (When my daughter was much younger she once diagnosed this as "painful heartbeat in the gums", which my doctor was totally amused to hear and defined it as Throbbing pain, and gave antibiotics. )

So if u have a heartbeat in the gums,plain pain killers are not sufficient. The pain will return unless the infection is killed. I hope the dr has recommended antibiotics....

Vivek Patwardhan said...

More than toothache I am scared of the dentist and his drill. My dentist, an elderly person keeps on talking to me but he has explosie views on various subject so I feel like responding. One just cannot do that while the drill is in the mouth!

I would not like to say 'we feel and share your pain', just 'get well soon' for you!



God save us from toothache and the dentist

lopamudra said...

Just a month ago you wrote about a visit to the dentist, is this a new teeth-new pain or treatment gone wrong? I too am a victim of sleepless nights,literally crawling and bawling in toothache,went(still go thru)thru incredible mind numbing pain.I completely understand and empathize with you.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Hi Suranga, Lopa, Vivek and Harekrishnaji,

Thanks so much for your sympathy. The pain is lot less now, though it is still there - niggling nuisance.

The Weekend Blogger said...

Sucharita-di, you have my complete sympathies. As a chronic victim of toothaches I truly know what you feel. And then the dentist's chair....baba go. Get well soon.

BTW, please don't take too many pain killers, I ended up with kidney stones because of my habit of popping pain killers for toothaches.

Mystic Margarita said...

I have had several root canal procedures, and survived! You will, too. Hope it's all better now?