Monday, May 11, 2009


It’s summer holidays right now. Which is supposed to be mother-daughter bonding time. So I decide to bake cup cakes with my daughters. Very excited, they break a few eggs on the floor, smear a lot of flour on themselves and eat up half the butter before it gets into the batter.

The brown, sticky demerara sugar is a big hit, spoonfuls being eaten on the sly. Of course, my daughters are kind souls, and leave a trail of sugar everywhere, some for the poor underfed ants to feed upon, and some for me to clean up. They claim I need the exercise, being rather motashota (chubby/fat/overweight – take your pick).

They take turns in turning the fork in the batter very very equally. If one does it twelve times clock-wise, the other does it twelve times counter-clockwise – twelve, OK, no more. As each is busy watching hawk-eyed the number of times the other is turning the spoon, the bowl of batter gets neglected, tilts and spills on the floor. All the more fun to scoop up with grubby fingers and lick clean.

The uncooked batter tastes yummy, they claim, between licks. So I wait for the finished products to be polished off with similar zest. There are about two dozen cupcakes, warm brown and full of cherries and calories.

They take a bite. Nibble a bit of crust. Poke their fingers into the soft centres. Fiddle around with the crumbs. Pick out the cherry bits and eat them. And then, they push away the plates. The “kancha cake” (uncooked batter) was way better, they claim.

And I am left with a mountain of cupcakes to chew through. Not a problem, except that the calories and my weight do not make for a good combination.

Did somebody say,Mother’s Day”?


ugich konitari said...

Happy Mothers Day to you, despite the bonding of the batter with bellissimas....

A crush of a few cupcakes, covered with fruit and icecream, suddenly presented on a warm afternoon might do the trick, methinks....

Lazyani said...

Happy Mothers Day , Sucharita. What is interesting is that though a decade and a half separates me with your daughters, I a absolutely agree with their contention that the cake batter tastes better than the cake itself.
My mother would absolutely vouch for it.

Pradip Biswas said...

Happy mother's day Sucharita. That cake is better why not the best because this one is also Kaancha like them.

Double-Dolphin said...

I wanna cupcake!!! I wanna cupcake!!! I wanna cupcake!!!

They're right. Batter does taste wayyyyy better than the finished product.

SGD said...

A belated Happy Mother's Day to you!
Confession time....I too love the 'kaancha' batter.... and even to this day lick clean the remnants in the mixing bowl after pouring the batter for baking!!!!
ha ha ha!!!

Mystic Margarita said...

That's a perfect way to spend Mother's Day. And all kids I know love the batter as much as, if not better, than the finished products! Maybe, we should give them just the batter and save us some time and effort in the future! :)

Lady Hope said...

A mountain of cup cakes for u to chomp on, by yourself!!. i MUST join you!

Happy Mother's Day!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

That's a great idea. I have some litchi icecream in the freezer, so will try it out at a suitably unsuspecting moment.

@ Lazyani, SGD, Double-D,
I agree with you, too. The batter does taste better. Which is why I always hoard a good amount for myself before starting the baking process.

@ MysticM,
That's a neat suggestion, only I'm scared of the effects of too much raw eggs on tender tummies. Maybe I'll join in, too.

@ Pradipda,
They might look 'kancha' but they behave very very 'paka' sometimes.

@Lady Hope,
Will be very glad to share cupcakes if you do decide to drop in. Anytime. My pleasure entirely.

Swati said...

Happy mother's day Sucharita ! Lovely way to spend a special day !

magiceye said...

hope you enjoyed the day!
i believe patience is a virtue of all mothers!!
loved your post!

Dotm said...

Sucharita, What a wonderful way to spend mother`s Day. You brought back many wonderful memories from when my children were small. I felt I was there watching the girls making the cup cakes. Sounds like delicious cup cakes. Makes me want to taste one! Even your friend Ugich`s idea of crushed cupcake covered with fruit and ice cream has me feeling hungry for it. All sounds delicious.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.You are very welcome anytime.
Dot from the US.

Anonymous said...

I guess you ultimately did have fun.

Little Girl Lost said...

LOL- well you know what to treat them with next time...

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's day!!A belated one though but then everyday is Mother's day isnt it?:)))

confession time:D:DI love that gooey sticky uncooked batter too:D:D
despite mom's repeated warnings to me and my bros that we will have upset stomachs:D:D
never made a difference and I think mom also and even now does know that the batter was perhaps the best part.,..when we simply sat and chatted all the while sneaking a peek to see if we could lick a bit of that yummy batter:DD

((((hugs))))god bless you and yours:))

Sucharita Sarkar said...

@ Swati, Indyeah, magiceye, little girl lost,

Thanks (with a grimace and a grin).

@ DotM and Monorina,

thanks for visting my blog. do come again.

Swaram said...

Oh! What a lovely bond between the siblings. Feel like meeting my li'l sis soon :(