Monday, March 3, 2008

Film"fair (?)" Awards

The 2008 chapter of a popular Hindi fim awards show was telecast on 2/3/08 (on Sony channel). The humorous, if rather 'unfair', digs of the polished and brash anchors, Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan, teetered on the edge of libel. The awards tried to be 'fair' (even the main sponsor was a 'fairness' cream) - honouring both the everpresent Shahrukh Khan (best actor for Chak De India) and the never-present Aamir Khan (best director/ best film for Taare Zameen Par).

But why do Hindi film awards never really have the suspense and anticipation of the Oscars? The popular winners are as predictable as a typical Hindi movie storyline. Though, with storylines in Hindi movies moving away from the tried-and-tested, can we also hope that the awards, too, will become more innovative and 'fair' (and less an appeasing of coteries and cliques)? Or am I being 'unfairly' harsh?

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