Saturday, March 22, 2008


In India, religion is often an excuse for other things. It may be muscle-display (political) or it may be merry-making (social). But in the backdrop of Hindu religious festivals there is usually some deity to whom we pay token obesience.
Holi is refreshing, because the deity is dispensed with altogether, and the merry-making needs no excuse. In fact, the children in my neighbourhood have been rehearsing with water and water-balloons and water-guns for the past one week, so that the real Holi-day is different only in being more colourful, though as wet as the previous few days.
So Happy (happier than the rehearsals) Holi! Get drenched, get some colour on your face (but hopefully not in your eyes), get high (on booze or bhang), get close to that sexy neighbour you have been illicitly coveting... it's all licensed for a day.

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