Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hurrah for WOMEN'S DAY?

March 8 is supposedly Women's Day. In an age of tokenism, where fathers, mothers, friendship, love, etc are all allocated slots and shelf lives, why not us? I am a woman: on 8 March, I will get up at 5.30, prepare breakfast for self and family, rush to workplace, get some work done, rush back, tend to the kids, prepare, feed and gulp down dinner and crash into bed. With two time-outs : read a book when I get some time off in between chores, and chat with spouse when he returns home. Life's not a party, but it's not the pits either... so my Women's Day will probably be like any other day. So much for the capital letters then, or should we spend a minute in silence on that day appreciating the feminist struggle of the previous century which has given us a choice - home, career or both?

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