Saturday, March 8, 2008

Woe-men's Day Again

Harping on the previous post's theme... what I, as a woman, have today is CHOICE. I can CHOOSE not to bite (the Bait?) at all (i.e. become a homemaker) OR to bite off more than I can chew (home + career + kids). The right-sized bite eludes us.... And we swallow the invariably wrong-sized bite of our CHOICE with a swig of GUILT ( helped by the gilt of our paycheques). GUILT's our favourite tipple. If we stay at home, we feel guilty about not working despite our education. If we work without marrying, we are made to feel guilty by well-meaning family members breathing down our neck with biological-clock-and-ideal woman-as-mother/wife issues. If we are doing (or trying to do) both, then we feel guilty about not being able to prioritise properly. So, till next Women's Day, let's say cheers to our CHOICE with a drink of GUILT ... that's the feminine/feminist/womanly spirit!


Neelakshi said...

Sounds familiar...sounds very familiar. :) Obviously the debate is endless and this surely should be the summary over oh-so-many conversations. Typically with old school pals(most of these happen over phone as few of us would be lucky enough to meet face-face irrespective of job,location,affluence levels etc),over office lunches with fellow colleagues,sometimes even in job interviews explaining what kind of a super human they are about to or atleast should recruit,I have even ended up discussing my plight with potential full time maids(Yes Yes I hear you; they are THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON of our lives for now.But let me not even go there else will not finish what I had intended to pen earlier) trying to lure her so she agrees to work atleast on grounds of sympathy so I can do some justice to the esteemed second category you have described above (home+career+ kids). So the list of occassions is endless. And the hard core loyalist that I am by nature I better back the category I belong to ...:)
I went through these huge phases where I was quite sure that I am going to quit the CAREER part of it and concentrate on the other two but better sense prevailed and I stuck to holding onto to the three things together. Because really,the way I am beginning to look at it now is that as we have to be happy about whichever route we choose to take and if it means that we need to go through all the super balancing acts then so be it! Atleast we tried and I am quite sure that I will not regret this decision. We need to ask ourselves, atleast thats what I did..."Do I see myself as someone who will be happy without the CAREER(and with all the obvious things attached to it)tag in the long run?" I couldn't imagine myself as a content person so the obvious CHOICE.
So cheers to the GUILT! ;-) and about the 'DAY' celebrations ; I still need to come to terms with all these FATHER's/MOTHER's/WOMEN's... etc let that be. :)

The Weekend Blogger said...

Cheers to the Guilt ! Hic!I loved this bit and then too neelakshi's comment. Hic ! Again!